Sunday, April 17, 2011

Momma: 1 / Doctor: 0

Yesterday J-Mav woke up with very puffy eyes, congestion, and a sore throat. Not unusual for this time of year for him. What WAS unusual was the three-hour nap he took in the late morning/early afternoon. And the flushed face and low-grade fever.

By the time we determined that he had a fever, the Minute Clinic was already closed for yesterday. He was acting fine and said he didn't feel sick. He had appetite, but not as hearty as usual. So we all watched a movie and we put him to bed with some Tylenol in his system.

He still had a low-grade fever this morning, so we kept him home from his hockey game and I took him up to the Minute Clinic. After waiting for almost an hour, we were called in. We went through the preliminary questions and they took my insurance card information. The nurse practioner looked at J-Mav's throat and got the swabs (one for the quick strep; one to send out as a back-up).

Nurse Guy: "I don't really expect the Quick Strep to come up positive, so we'll send the backup out to the lab, as well."

Me (with a knowing smile): "OK."

He took the swabs and we talked about the Caps while the Quick Strep "festered." The timer was set for five minutes. Not even 90 seconds in, it was apparent that it was positive. A prescription was sent to the pharmacy, and the backup swab was discarded as it was, at that point, unnecessary.

It's good to be the Momma.