Tuesday, February 23, 2010


This McDonald's near my house has gone WAY low-tech...

For those who can't see what it is, there's a piece of paper scotch-taped to the inside of the glass on the order kiosk. It says, "Please place your order here. We apologize that you are unable to view your order at this time. Thank you, Management"


Grass in my front yard!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Usually you see a sign that says NO U-turns... Here the turn lane was for U-turns ONLY! Those crazy Delawarians...

Some semblance of "normalcy"

It appears Mother Nature not only got my letter, but complied. We got only a dusting (less than an inch) of snow yesterday afternoon/evening. Thank goodness. Schools opened back up today, albeit on a two-hour delay. Part of the thinking behind this was that a two-hour delay would give time for rush hour traffic to clear out, thereby making it safer for the children who were going to have to walk on streets due to un-shoveled sidewalks and large piles of snow. It was a good idea in theory. But then the Government announced a two-hour delay as well.

From what I understand, traffic was a nightmare this morning. I handled the problem by taking the boys with me to work armed with books, iPods, and breakfast. I wasn't going to let Keeper Boy walk down to the bus stop (which doesn't exist at the moment because it's buried under a mountain of snow). When it was time to take them to school, we left my office and headed back into our subdivision, competing in what could be the next X-Games sport: Subdivision Mogels. Seriously. The roads in the subdivision are ridiculous.

No problems dropping J-Mav off. While the Kiss and Ride wasn't open in front of the school (his is along the road) because there was nowhere for the kids to get out of their cars and walk, they were funneling cars through the u-shaped drive in front of the school (where the busses drop off) and all was smooth. They had TONS of staff outside directing parents where to go to drop off their precious cargos. It went well. I then did another round of Subdivision Mogels to get over to Keeper Boy's school.

Keeper Boy's school has a dedicated Kiss and Ride drop-off. You turn [right only] into the school, go through the staff parking lot, and go into a separated lane to drop the kids off. Then you leave, turn out of the parking lot [again, right only] and go on your merry way. When there isn't all this snow on the ground, this is a smooth and painless process. Not today.

The crux of the problem was three cars that were parked along the road somewhat in front of the school. High school students (because the high school is right behind Keeper Boy's school, and I guess not all the high school kids have a parking permit or something). Anyway, those cars being there meant that only one lane could get past that point in the road. Stick with me here... I'll call the road that runs in front of the school School Road. Anyone coming east on School Road in the morning has to pass the entrance to the Kiss and Ride, go to the next street, turn left, go up to the first cross street, do a u-turn and get in the Kiss and Ride drop-off line. Anyway coming west on School Road has to merge into the drop-off line with the people who came east and had to do the u-turn procedure. Again, this is normal, everyday procedure and not a huge deal. The problem was getting OUT of the Kiss and Ride.

Everything was backed up because of those cars parked on the street. That choke point was not very far away from a bigger road where there is a traffic light. So the crossing guard (who was trying to do her job AND direct traffic through the choke point) could only let the eastbound cars back up for so long... otherwise they would be backing up the major road, too. That meant backing up the Kiss and Ride line. Keep in mind that you ONLY go right when you leave the Kiss and Ride, so you had no other option but to go past that choke point. It was VERY frustrating.

I actually ended up doing a u-turn in the street while a bus was blocking the road and I knew on one would be coming the other way and heading back east on School Road and working my way out of the subdivision on another street so I could get back to the office for a staff meeting that I was, at that point, 20 minutes late for. Hopefully something will be done tomorrow to prevent anyone from parking along that street.

Other than that frustration, it would seem that things are getting back to what passes as normal in my world. :) My children left me this lovely artwork on my office whiteboard; it is apparently all the characters from Spongebob Squarepants.

As I typed this, I received an email from the school system that they will resume opening at normal time tomorrow. WOO HOO!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Open letter...

Dear Mother Nature ~

What I see happening outside my living room window at this moment is not what I would consider "flurries." Please cease and desist. Immediately.

Thank you.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Open letter...

Dear occupants of Room 208 -

In the future, please refrain from doing whatever it was that you were doing until midnightlast night. It sounded like there was an NBA basketball game being contested in my ceiling. It kept me awake and I am not a happy camper this morning.

Thank you.

Friday, February 12, 2010

SnOMG!! '10

SnOMG!! Snomgedddan. Snowcapolypse. Snoverkill. Whatever you want to call it. I think I'm done keeping a daily log. I've escaped to work today, and we will be heading north to Philadelphia area later today for a hockey tournament.

They're calling for snow again on Monday... heaven help us...

Thursday, February 11, 2010

SnOMG!! '10

THURSDAY, 2/11/10

10:55am: Still quite windy. Hubby blasted through the drifts on our yet unplowed street this morning and got the [rather low-sitting] Honda out to the somewhat bigger road and proceeded without trouble to work.

11:30am: I love my house, but staring at its inside walls for a week is slowing driving me insane. I told the kids I'm taking a break from work and we're going out to lunch. Keeper Boy says to me, "I'm staying here. I don't want to leave the house." WHAT? So I'm sure J-Mav won't want to go either. But. We're. Going.

12:00pm: Problem solved. Told J-Mav we'd go to Toys R Us while we're out. He's been itching to spend a gift card he has. He's on board 100% now. :) Very "sneakative" on my part...

4:10pm: Once Keeper Boy figured out we were going to Toys R Us, he wanted to go, too. Shocker. We went to Red Robin, Toys R Us, and Target. Ran into some co-workers at Target. Small world. Felt good to be out and about, but I think it's gonna be July until some of these piles of snow melt!

Our street... still no plow since the last batch of snow...

The street we turn onto off or our street, on which we can get out of the subdivision. Sort of plowed and packed down into an icy skating rink...

A bigger road that borders our subdivision. PAVEMENT!! The first I've seen in a week!!

5:05pm: I took some pictures of icicles today that are kinda cool... some of the icicles formed on an angle because of the wind yesterday.

7:10pm: OK, driving up to Subway (less than one mile and still within my subdivision) has put me in a worse mood than being cooped up in the house with my children all week! Here's is what I learned:

  • Our street is, literally, the only street in our subdivsion that hasn't been plowed.
  • They way the streets have been "plowed" in the subdivision, it may have been better to just them be... I think my kidneys are bruised from that drive.
  • People around here are stupid, moronic, impatient drivers under normal conditions; add 40 inches of snowfall in the last two weeks and they turn into complete a$$hats! Some advice from observation:

    • Do not drive down the middle of a road that is barely two lanes wide in your F150/Suburban/4x4 while I'm trying to drive on the same road, in the opposite direction, in a Honda Civic.
    • Do not slow down to 1 mph if you hope to keep moving on a street that has a build-up of loose snow... especially if I'm behind you.
    • Do not drive one car length behind me when I'm driving on a skating rink.
    • Do not pull into the middle of an intersection when you can clearly see you're going to be stuck there through a light cycle, thereby rendering the people on the cross street unable to move. Anywhere.
    • Do not honk your horn at me when you can clearly see that no one is moving in front of me, either.
    • If you're driving an 18-wheeler and trying to make a tight turn to get behind Giant to make some deliveries... yeah, good luck with that. He was stuck when I went up and he was still there when I came home. Bet he'll be there for a good while, too.

  • We're going to have snow piled up in parking lots for MONTHS.
  • It's going to be quite unsafe for anyone who walks to school or a bus stop when it's time to go back to school on Monday.
  • Intersections, though they may be plowed, are quite dangerous because of all the snow piled up.

That's all for now. I'm tired of talking about this. Nothing will change...

7:19pm: HOLY CRAP!! A plow just went down the street and back up. And now he's coming down the street again! WOO HOO! Of course, this means I'll need to go out and shovel the plow wall from the end of the driveway before Hubby and Keeper Boy get home from hockey practice...

8:00pm: False alarm. Plow guy did two passes down the street and two back up and then disappeared into the night. Guess we're stuck with a single lane until all the white stuff melts. In June. Good news is he did such a half-assed job that there's no plow wall to go out and shovel.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

SnOMG!! '10

WEDNESDAY, 2/10/10

9:48am: C-c-c-cold!! And windy!! Probably have another 8-10 inches on the ground. Hard to tell, though, because of the wind. Keeper Boy is already banished to his room, and J-Mav is bouncing off the walls. It's gonna be a LONG day!

11:20am: Just realized I haven't even opened my makeup bag since Friday morning. I have kept up with showering daily, however. :)

1:45pm: Still snowing, but it's definitely slowed down somewhat.

2:15pm: Still a few flurries; wind seems to have died down. My boss sent me the following funnies... appropriate for sure!

2:17pm: I take back what I said about the wind. If our deck furniture wasn't under a [new] foot of snow, it would've just blown away with the gusts we're having.

3:13pm: School closed for the rest of the week. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!

3:24pm: Power went out.

4:36pm: Power back on. In that hour, we played two games of Yahtzee Turbo, made J-Mav run up and down the stairs to burn off some energy, put flannel sheets on both the boys' beds, closed all the doors to bedrooms and bathrooms to keep what heat we had in the main living areas, and started gathering candles and flashlights while we still had daylight. Even though the power is back, we're thinking about trying to head out for dinner... just to GET OUT OF THE HOUSE...

8:10pm: It's flipping snowing again! WTF?!?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

SnOMG!! '10

TUESDAY, 2/9/10

8:30am: Awoke a little bit ago to, "Mama, I think I'm going to throw up" as J-Mav is standing next to my bed. He didn't.

9:00am: Now he did. BTW... Day 4 of Snowmagedan... AAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

9:30am: And now he did again.

10:00am: And again.

10:45am: Finished editing first document of the day. Getting a quick shower and taking J-Mav to the Minute Clinic for a strep test.

2:15pm: Back from Minute Clinic (and three more rounds of throwing up) and Giant. Hubby met me at CVS and brought J-Mav home. Quick strep negative, but she sent it out to fester overnight, so we'll see. Got next round of provisions at Giant. Ready for the next round of snow. Roads in our subdivision are horrible. Got stuck leaving our driveway.

3:30pm: After a long nap and some Spongebob, J-Mav is BEGGING for food.

4:05pm: Saw a snowflake.

5:30pm: Deck cleared off and ready for the next two feet of snow. Opening to street widened to avoid getting stuck the next time I attempt to leave... whenever that will be. Hubby's office closed tomorrow. J-Mav acting COMPLETELY normal again.

9:25pm: There's a good couple inches on the ground. Ugh. I'll be happy when Hubby and Keeper Boy are safely home from the rink...

10:10pm: They're home. :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

SnOMG!! '10

MONDAY, 2/8/10

8:30am:And J-Mav has pink eye. Lovely.

11:27am: We have one lane plowed down our street! Woo hoo! Unfortunately, it's on the other side of the street, with a good amount of 3-foot high snow separating our shoveled out driveway from it. Still going nowhere until we borrow a snowblower or do a ton more shoveling. Ugh.

2:00pm: Same narrow lane has been plowed THREE times. We are able to get out now if we need to. Borrowed a neighbor's snow blower to get rid of the snow on the street between our driveway and the plowed path.

3:00pm: School closed Tuesday and Wednesday.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

SnOMG!! '10

SUNDAY, 2/7/10

9:17am: Day three; still no plow in sight. Sun is shining bright, but it's cold. Feel like I got run over by a truck...

11:00am: Fetched J-Mav's best buddies and have three rowdy 6-year-olds downstairs. J-Mav's bud R. lives down the street. His other bud J. lives in another part of the subdivion. His mom is the one who had the baby yesterday. His dad plowed through the snow in his Land Rover and I met them at the bottom of the street. It's quit a workout to walk in 2.5 feet of snow!!

11:30am: School closed tomorrow.

3:05pm: Spent the afternoon helping a neighbor who needed to get to the store for his daughter (who is awaiting a kidney transplant) get off the street. It was a long process of ramming through snow, shoveling, backing up, and ramming some more. But he made it amidst all of our cheers! Also visited with other neighbors, including the ones down the street who have been in the Bahamas for the past three years. We didn't realize they were back. Good timing! NOT! They're living in an apartment while they have some remodeling done and were just here to clear the driveway and walks. Came in to discover the Caps had come back from being down 4-1 and won 5-4 in OT! Way to rock the red!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

SnOMG!! '10

SATURDAY, 2/6/10

9:20am: Still snowing. :-( Still have power. :-) Hubby measured 18 inches. K-Dog NOT happy.

12:15pm: In from helping Hubby shovel. Driveway and sidewalk are clear for now. Still snowing fairly heavily, though. And cars aren't all the way clear, so driveway will need to be shoveled again.

12:19pm: Got a text from my friend... she had a healthy, beautiful baby boy... 7lbs. 9oz.; 20.5" long. No name yet.

4:30pm: It appears to have FINALLY stopped snowing!

4:51pm: I lied. It's still flurrying.

5:30pm: I think it's finally over.

7:15pm: Just finished shoveling about half the snow off the deck. Not that I doubt my dad's construction, but just leery after hearing news that a local ice rink's roof collapsed this afternoon. (No one hurt). Final snow tally seems to be around 26 to 28 inches. Sheesh!

9:20pm: Watched our niece's production of The Wizard of Oz (she was the Wicked Witch of the West) for family movie night. Boys are now in bed. Power has been flickering a bit for the past half hour. Flashlights are at the ready...

Friday, February 5, 2010

And they're off...

Gma G is off to Hawaii for two weeks to meet her newest grandbaby... a GIRL!

SnOMG!! '10

Depending on what news source you are watching/listening to, our area is predicted to get anywhere from 18 inches to five feet of snow between now and tomorrow afternoon. I guess we'll wait and see.

9:54am: I don't know when it started, but I just looked out my office window and it's definitely snowing. A little ahead of schedule at this point. Nothing sticking yet.

10:30am: Snow begins sticking to cars in the parking lot. Told to leave work.

10:45am: Home from work. Boys are playing Rock Band... still in their PJs. Hubby working at dining room table... still in PJs.

11:30am: Make meatloaf for dinner and put in fridge. Banking on any power outages we may suffer kindly waiting until tomorrow.

11:45am: Mailman delivers mail. Wonder when we'll see him again?

12:21pm: And the bickering has begun in earnest.

12:56pm: Hubby headed to Giant for last minute provisions. Keep thinking of things we should've gotten. I didn't get bread the other night because we had almost a full loaf. Suddenly we're down to a few slices...

1:21pm: Kids have gone outside to sled/snowboard on the neighbor's hill. Ahhh... nothing but the sound of my keyboard tapping and the space heater and furnace kicking on and off.

2:15pm: Checked in with my friend who is scheduled for a c-section tomorrow at 11am. Asked what her plan is for getting to the hospital tomorrow... or if she just plans on heading there tonight and camping out. She says her husband says their Land Rover will get them there...

4:58pm: Sticking to the road now. Up to 6+ inches. Meatloaf in the oven. Heading outside to burn some energy off J-Mav. He's a wildman.

5:45pm: Inside again. The boys (big and small) are still outside pummeling each other with snowballs. Attempted to do down the hill on the snowboard. Fell on my butt twice. Hubby didn't do too much better on his first couple of attempts, but then improved a little. Time to get dinner together... Caps game at 7.

7:00pm: Wind definitely picking up...

7:45pm: Rink closed tomorrow. J-Mav's skating class and Keeper Boy's game both cancelled. We are officially off the hook for the weekend. Nothin' to do but hunker down and wait for the plow.

9:40pm: Over a foot of heavy, wet snow now. Caps game is over and the win streak is alive (lucky number 13 tonight). Tried figuring out my learn to knit kit... got the casting on, couldn't figure out what to do after that and gave up. Thought it would give me something to do this weekend. Oh well...

Thursday, February 4, 2010


And school is closed for tomorrow on the prediction of a buttload of snow.

I would laugh if it doesn't happen. I mean, it seems like a slam dunk that we're going to get at least a foot, so I suppose it's the right call, but why not send them and then dismiss early? I guess the thinking is that they'd rather not have all those busses and kids on the roads when the precipitation starts, but the worst is predicted to be tomorrow evening into the early hours of Saturday. Of course, when has a weather forecaster around here ever given an accurate forecast? We were only supposed to get a dusting to two inches for last weekend's six inch mess.

Logically, I know it's the right call. It's just annoying. This school district seems to close if someone sneezes. So even when it's warranted, I'm annoyed. The kids lost Presidents' Day from yesterday's closure (snow day #4). For tomorrow's closure (snow day #5), they lose a teacher work day on April 12. I'm not to torn up about that one. The elementary teachers in this school district get a half-day work day EVERY Monday afternoon, and one or two days at the end of every quarter. I'm not a teacher, but that seems like more time than a lot of teachers get.

Anything after tomorrow, we alternate between getting freebies that don't need to be made up snow days #6, 8, and 10) and tacking days onto the end of the year (snow days #7 and 9). If we get to snow day #9, the kids will be a week shy of going to school into July. Ridiculous.

Alright, I'm done complaining now. I'll be at work tomorrow waiting for the big event to occur. It's Hubby's turn to stay home with the kids...


So. It is predicted that we will be pummeled (again) with snow this weekend. Considering we didn't see a plow for four days the last time we got more than two feet of snow (right before Christmas), AND the Superbowl is on Sunday, we decided one of us should head to the Giant last night for some provisions. In no particular order, here is what I got... first the non-superbowl-related stuff:
~ shredded Mexican cheese
~ tortilla shells
~ Egg Beaters
~ Eggs
~ Whole milk
~ Skim milk
~ bananas

And the stuff I got for munching on during the Superbowl:
~ shrimp
~ wings
~ 7-layer dip
~ Scoops
~ taco shells (for the taco fixin's we already have)
~ cheese (to go with the crackers and ring bologna we have)

I may run back tonight (late) to grab some batteries, kidney beans (for chili makin'), and onions. Then again, maybe not. We'll see. I've got Diet Coke. That's all that really matters.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Finally! Some progress. My leader asked me what I've done different. Nothing, really. More situps. Slightly more exercise. I haven't changed my eating much. Will try to do more of the same this week!

Correction to last week: The person who weighed me in was obviously math-challenged. I actually gained 0.4 pounds last week (not 0, as I had reported).

Change from last weigh in (1/27/09): -2.0
Change since starting WW (6/08/06): -16.4
Pounds to new, doctor-approved goal: 15.6

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


You look like a man, mama. Are you wearing Daddy's clothes?

Hmmm... it's not like J-Mav's never seen me in a suit before... I wear one maybe once a week on average. Not sure what made him step up and take notice this morning. I also think his idea of mens' clothing needs an overhaul -- I'm wearing a tailored (for a woman), short, pinstriped jacket and a baby blue silk blouse...