Friday, April 16, 2010


On a combination reading comprehension/science assignment J-Mav brought home from school today. There were two paragraphs on how deer swallow pieces of leaves and branches whole, store them in a special part of their stomachs and then bring up the cud and chew it so their bodies can use it.

The next page had six multiple choice questions about the paragraphs and then a question to respond to.

Do you like deer? Why?
Yes because I like to eat them.

Grandpa was so proud.

Thursday, April 15, 2010


The whole family rockin' the red this morning in honor of our favorite hometown team, the Washington Capitals. The team opens Round 1 of the Stanley Cup Playoffs tonight at home against the Montreal Canadiens (aka, the Habs).

I am sporting a red silk blouse; Hubby is sporting his Caps jersey, with a red dress shirt beneath in case he is asked to remove the jersey. Keeper Boy is wearing a pink polo shirt because it's picture day today; however, he left the house with a red hooded sweatshirt over top. And J-Mav is wearing his red t-shirt with a caricature of Alex Ovechkin on it, complete with the missing tooth. AND red shorts. I wasn't there when he left for school, but I'll bet he was also wearing a red sweatshirt. He is definitely rockin' the red!

Unfortunately, we will miss much of the game as Keeper Boy has a baseball game tonight. You can bet we'll be following along on the Blackberry during the game!

C-A-P-S Caps Caps Caps!!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

And they're off...

My mom and dad are off to the DC area for most of the week with their good friends (neighbors). They're staying at a campground in MD, but it has a shuttle to Metro for easy access to downtown. Don't know what all they'll end up doing, but I gave them lots of suggestions. Hopefully they'll get to see the beautiful cherry blossoms before they're gone...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Break Review

We had a great spring break... busy, but very fun!!

Day 1: Saturday, 3/27
Hubby and Keeper Boy headed south to Richmond for a hockey tournament while J-Mav and I headed north to see the Hershey Bears game. We went to my parents' house first and picked them up to go with us. We had a GREAT time. Only one photo because they wouldn't let me bring the camera into the arena. :-(

Day 2: Sunday, 3/28
Hubby and Keeper Boy were done with the tournament early in the day and were home by lunchtime. J-Mav and I stayed at my parents' house for a family dinner and got home around J-Mav's bedtime. It was great to see my family -- including my grandpa, who was having a GREAT day!

Day 3: Monday, 3/29
Nothing exciting. Hubby worked at the office. I worked at home. The kids played.

Day 4: Tuesday, 3/30
Hubby worked at the office. I worked at home. Gma G arrived in the late afternoon! And then I was officially on vacation for the rest of spring break. :)

Day 5: Wednesday, 3/31
Gma G and I took the boys and headed to the outlets. Both boys needed new sneakers. We had success at the Nike Outlet, though I NEVER would've chosen the shoes Keeper Boy came home with.

Day 6: Thursday, 4/1
Gma G and I took the kids to Caps practice!!! It was an optional practice for the team since they had a game that night, but almost everyone was there. I got some really good pictures, and the boys got autographs from John Erskin, Dave Steckel, and Tom Poti.

Day 7: Friday, 4/2
Hubby was able to take the day off! We all piled in the car and headed downtown for the day. First stop was standing in line at the Spy Museum to get tickets. We got tickets for 2pm. Since it was only 10am, we went to Madame Toussaud's Wax Museum. It was fun, but we (the adults) didn't think it was worth the admission fee. We also didn't think it was as good as the one in Las Vegas. And it definitely wasn't as good as the one in London! After we were done there, we tried to go to Ford's Theatre, but it was closed for an actual production. So we went to Hard Rock Cafe for lunch (and sat next to one of Bob Dylan's guitars). We killed some time in the National Portrait Gallery (very cool) and then did the Spy Museum. I'd been there before, but no one else had. I think everyone liked it, but Gma G said she definitely enjoyed the later stuff about people that she'd heard about. :) J-Mav was a little whiny by the end of our time there, so we walked over to the McDonald's in Verizon Center and had a shake break. Then we went to the coolest place: The Museum of Crime and Punishment. VERY cool. We all really liked it. And who knew? America's Most Wanted is broadcast from there! By the time we were done, we were getting hungry, so we stopped at Cheesecake Factory on the way home. YUM!!

Day 8: Saturday, 4/3
We all went to see Diary of a Wimpy Kid. Cute movie. Keeper Boy and I decided that the book was better than the movie, but it was still cute. Keeper Boy also had baseball practice in the late afternoon. While Keeper Boy was gone, J-Mav decided to take his training wheels off and after just a couple attempts, he rode his bike!! We were so proud of him!! And then Red Robin for dinner!

Day 9: Sunday, 4/4 -- Easter
We had a lazy morning. We were bad and didn't go to church. :-( The kids went through their baskets from the Easter Bunny and found the eggs that had been hidden. Later in the day, Hubby's cousin and his wife came over. The kids played outside a lot, and we had a yummy dinner and a great visit.

Monday morning it was over. Hubby took Gma G to the airport on his way to work. The kids went to school and I went back to work. It was fun while it lasted.

Puddle of...

It was 89 degrees in our house last night when I got home from work. The windows were open and the fan was on. It was hot inside and outside, and J-Mav's been having a hard time this week with his allergies.

But dang it, we weren't going to turn the a/c on because a cold front is coming through tomorrow and we'll only be turning it off again. We could stick it out. It would cool off once the sun went down.

That was all well and good until I went to steal a piece of chocolate from one of the boys' Easter baskets and discovered that all of their chocolate was melted into puddles of goo inside their various wrappers.

Air conditioning went on immediately.