Monday, October 17, 2011

Hockey Life...

Here's what I did yesterday between 8am and 4pm:

Keeper Boy had a game at Point B at 10:45am (needing to be there by 9:45). J-Mav had a game at Point C at 2pm (needing to be there at 1). We knew there was no way we could all do both, and Hubby needed to be at J-Mav's game since he's an official Assistant Coach on that team. So I took Keeper Boy. He had a great game in net, after which we stopped for a quick lunch and then headed down to see some of J-Mav's game.

Had I realized it would take more than two hours to get to Point C, I likely would've just headed home. But it was J-Mav's first travel game, and I really wanted to be there!

We did not go back the way we came because there was a charity walk going on in Baltimore (which we hit the beginning of going TO the rink), a home Ravens game, AND a home Redskins game. Instead we went out Rte 70 and down route 15. Beautiful day for a drive... Unfortunately by the time I got to the two-lane part of Rte. 15, we were behind some folks who were ONLY out for the lovely drive. They didn't appear to need to be anywhere anytime soon. :-(

Long story short, we made it to Point C with about 10 minutes left in the game, and saw J-Mav score a goal. I guess that made it worth it, but man was I tired by the time I made it back to Point A!