Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Break 2015 - Day 6 - At Sea

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Slept in a little this morning. Hubby was up first, showered, went to eat, and then found some lounge chairs for us. J-Mav and I went to eat about 9:30. I think Keeper Boy slept until 11 or so! Hubby and I parked in the sun all day. No idea, really, what the boys did. Saw them both playing ping pong a lot. J-Mav also went to a towel folding demonstration and made his very own towel dog, which he got to bring back to the stateroom to show us. Pretty cool. We have, of course, had an animal every night.
J-Mav's dog (I think his was better than the cabin steward's!)
Night 1 - Dog

Night 2 - Elephant
Night 3 - Gorilla

Night 4 - Frog

Night 5 - Stingray

We just packed up our stuff (except Keeper Boy's because he's up on the deck reading) and got organized. We will be disembarking at 8:40 tomorrow morning. :( But still another dinner in the dining room and a couple shows to see...


Longest wait for dinner tonight, but only about 30 minutes. Still not bad at all. Had Dennis again (the same waiter we had on Monday night). Our least favorite of the three we've had, but way better tonight than on Monday! Tonight for dinner, J-Mav had crab cake, bacon macaroni & cheese, and vanilla ice cream. Keeper Boy had mahi-mahi, bacon macaroni &cheese, and lava cake. Hubby had caesar salad, crab cake, fried shrimp, and some kind of souffle. I had caesar salad, shrimp cocktail, prime rib, and apple pie.

We made some purchases in the duty free store (looked up prices when we got home and woud've paid $60 more for what we got than what we paid on the ship!), got an ornament of the ship, and bought a picture from elegant night. Will be going to The Brits show at 10:15 and Hubby and I are going to another 18+ comedy show at 11. Can't believe it's almost over already!

Still Later...

The Brits show was very good! Great music!! The boys liked it, too. Same singer and dancers as the Motown show. After the show, the boys went back to the room and we went to the 18+ comedy show. I was very funny. Not as vulgar as last night, but very non-politically-correct. Afterward, we met the boys upstairs for our late night pizza snack. Now off to sleep for the last time on the ship. We've decided to carry our own luggage off, rather than putting it out in the hall for pick-up.

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